The Big Shot™ XZP


The Big Shot Stud, made for Camoplast single ply tracks. This stud has a lower shoulder and tapered head to mount flush in the track to eliminate idler wheel damage and vibration.

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  • Special design for both the Camoplast single ply tracks and 2.86″ pitch or greater
  • Lower shoulder and tapered head to mount flush in track and eliminate idler wheel damage and vibration
  • 44% larger carbide insert than the competition lasts up to 50% longer
  • Longer taper and 64° carbide tip for unbeatable penetration
  • Exclusive track gripping rings to prevent tear out
  • Longer threads to accommodate the “Big Al”™ support nut
  • Available in 6 lengths Sizes 82 to 87 – Comparable to 1.075”, 1.175”, 1.325”, 1.50″, 1.625″ & 1.87″
  • Kits sold with huge 1.600” Bullseye™ round backer or Double Bull 2 hole backer and Big Al™ aluminum nut – Unmatched durability and performance
  • Sold individually or kits of 42 and 48 counts

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Stud Only, Bulls Eye Kit, Double Bull Kit


1.075" B82C, 1.175" B83C, 1.325" B84C, 1.50" B85C, 1.625" B86C, 1.87" B87C


1, 42, 48


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