Double Down Runners 68 Series – Yamaha RX1/Apex/Pro Action 2003 and up


The SnowStuds™ Double Down Series Carbide Runner provides a power steering like effect for your sled. Eliminate ice-damming, eliminate darting, plus longer wear life.

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Totally eliminates darting
2 times more carbide than the competition
Larger 2″ sections of 60º turning carbide hold tight to the bar
Front and rear wear pads promote longer bar life
Hard-weld filler prolongs wear
2 – 1/2″ beefy host bars for unmatched durability
Wide 1 1/4″ spread between host bars tracks true
Eliminates ice damming to provide “point and go” steering
Extra long 3/8″ mounting bolts for easy installation
Acts like power steering for your sled
Designed for all makes of snowmobiles
Designed for aftermarket skis
Available in 4”, 6”, 8” and 10” of 60º steering carbide

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4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches

Make Model Year
Yamaha Phazer M-TX 2016
Yamaha Phazer M-TX 2017
Yamaha RS Viking Profess. 2015
Yamaha SR Viper M-TX 2015
Yamaha SR Viper M-TX 141 SE 2016
Yamaha SR viper M-TX 153 2016
Yamaha SR Viper M-TX 153 LE 2016
Yamaha SR Viper M-TX 153 SE 2016
Yamaha SR Viper M-TX 162 2016
Yamaha SR Viper M-TX 162 LE 2016
Yamaha SR Viper M-TX 162 SE 2016
Yamaha SR Viper M-TX LE 2015
Yamaha SR Viper M-TX SE 2015
Yamaha VK 540 2019
Yamaha VK 540 2020
Yamaha VK 540 2021
Yamaha VK 540 2022
Yamaha VK 540 V 2018
Yamaha VK Professional II 2016
Yamaha VK Professional II 2017
Yamaha VK Professional II 2020
Yamaha VK Professional II 2021
Yamaha VK Professional II 2022
Yamaha VK Professional II EPS 2018
Yamaha VK540 V 2017
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