Terminator Series


The Terminator Series might not come with an accent, but it is made to stand up to the toughest lake conditions. The Terminator Series stud is the toughest steel race stud for snow-covered or hard-packed lakes.

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  • The ultimate steel race stud for snow covered or hard packed lakes
  • Not intended for trail riding
  • Steel push-thru stud
  • 100% thru hardened steel
  • Awesome penetration
  • Works great for hard dirt or soft ice
  • Machined flattened face
  • Flattened face digs into hard dirt and ice for maximum grip
  • Super strong grade 8 shank
  • Beefy 5/16” shank – 1” head won’t pull thru
  • Anti-rotation ribs to eliminate loss of orientation
  • Longer threads to accommodate the Big AL aluminum support nut
  • Chipper Tooth has a machined flattened face with a blunt tip.
  • Sold in quantities of 24, 96, 250 and 1000 counts
  • Available in 7 sizes:  Ranging in overall lengths from 1.475″ to 2.295″
  • The longest chisel stud in the industry

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1.075” T1075C, 1.175" T1175C, 1.325” T1325C, 1.500” T1500C, 1.625" T1625C, 1.87" T1875C, 2.00" T2000C


24, 96, 250, 1,000

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