Warthog XZP


The Warthog XZP with 1″ head is a beast in the Snow Stud lineup. With this stud, you will tear through the competition with the traction you need. Plus the Warthog’s indestructible nature will help you spend more time enjoying the snow instead of replacing broken studs.

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  • 44% larger carbide insert than the competition
  • Durable 64º point penetrates easily and remains sharp
  • .365″ deep sure-brazed carbide pin
  • Made of high strength heat-treated alloy steel
  • Beefy 5/16″ thread and 1″ head won’t pull-thru tracks
  • Two track gripping rings prevent tear outs
  • Guaranteed never to bend or break (see warranty information)
  • Sizes 80 thru Size 83 come packaged with steel support nuts
  • Sizes 84 thru Size 87 come packaged with Big Al Aluminum support nuts
  • Sold in quantities of 24, 96, 144, 250 & 1000 count

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.875" W80C, 1.000" W81C, 1.075" W82C, 1.175" W83C, 1.38" W84C, 1.50" W85C, 1.70" W86C, 1.87" W87C


24, 96, 144, 250, 1000


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