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Sniper Racer Stud 2.52 Pitch Track

Sniper Racer Stud 2.52 Pitch Track


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  • Description
  • Description
  • Sniper Racer Stud 2.52 Pitch Track

    The Sniper Racer Stud, is designed for single-ply tracks and all 2.86 tracks. This stud is the most aggressive and most durable lake racer stud on the market!

    • 1" Headed Stud with 5/16" shank
    • Exclusive track gripping rings help prevent tearouts
    • Lower Shoulder and tapered head mounts flush in tack and help eliminate idler wheel damage and vibration.
    • A thin tip profile will penetrate ice and hard pack easier
    • Engineered to work with 2.52" Pitch Tracks
    • 44% Larger Carbide Insert
    • Unbeatable penetration due to 64-degree Tip and longer taper

    **Sniper Big Shot Stud packs include the Stud, nut, and backer unless otherwise noted.

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