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Sniper Double Down Runners 69 Series

Sniper Double Down Runners 69 Series


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  • Description
  • Description
  • Sniper Double Down Runners 69 Series

    The SnowStuds™ Sniper Double Down Series Carbide Runner provides a super aggressive cut like no other double runner for your sled! Eliminate ice-damming with “point and go” steering, plus longer wear life.

    • Square host bar for aggressive steering capability and unmatched durability
    • Helps eliminate darting
    • Large 2" sections of 60-degree turning carbide
    • Carbide is brazed on 4 surfaces to ensure premium adhesion
    • Most carbide wear pads in the industry, which promote long-life
    • More hard welds are used to extend the wear
    • A wide spread between host bars increases stability, helps eliminate ice damming, and allows the clearing of debris
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